Another Sierra Leone success story

Kevin Bob launches Sierra Leone movie industry in Holland with S.K.Bob & U-Cap Films Foundations.

BobOn the 17 of June 2012,the Dutch city of Eindhoven played host to the  African community as the very first Sierra-Leonean movie “HEART OF VENGEANCE” was premiered in the prestigious Pathe and    Limeira Cinema. Written and Produced by Kevin Bob Kargbo who played a co-lead in the movie.

HEART OF VENGEANCE “launch the first Sierra Leonean Movie Industry in Holland. The movie was directed by London trained Nollywood Cinematographer Uxtin Chase Abhulimhen, while the Swiss based Sierra Leonean music sensation Aminata Bamba of Okoh Naija fame played the Lead role in her first Movie appearance. There is also a cameo appearance by Nollywood’s Leonard Ajayi- Odekhiran(Otunba Khamileon) of Dapo Junior Fame.

Kevin Bob, Amy Musa and Uxtin chase are the Executive producers of the this movie. The Movie has also been subtitle with in Dutch.


As a child Elina had a friend with whom she played and known by her single parent. Due to some circumstances, Elina’s mother relocated to another city which caused Elina her only friend, Silvia whose only memory she had was a photograph. Now she grew up and almost forgot her childhood interest in singing and dancing until Silvia came back to her life. Silvia introduced her to Vincent, a popular dancehall artist with whom Elina later fell in love. The love roller coaster with Vincent soon became a love triangle after Elina met Bob and Henry who are talent hunters. Now, jealousy has become inevitable, anger is fast approaching and murder is around the corner. Trapped between friends and foes, the lines between money, career and friends have become thinner. The world Elina lives in soon becomes miserable. Her only way out now seems to depend on the content of an ordinary diary. How will Elina successfully step out of the circle of deceit and jealousy without hurting the people she loves? How will a broken heart develop into a HEART OF VENGEANCE?

This is a 98minutes Thriller/Drama filled with suspense as you laugh, cry, surfer and revenge with Elina. To obtain copy of this movie you can contact Kevin Bob on or


Heart of Vengeance

The ‘Heart of Vengeance’ is the first Sierra Leone  movie in Holland written and produced by Kevinbob. Directed by Uxtin Chase,  Amy Foday-Musa as co-Executive producer and features various other artist.